And today was a day, just like any other-

I am FINALLY waking up.

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Ennis and Jack w/Mountains
i'm such a different person these days.

I will never be too far away to feel you, and I won't hesitate at all...
Blah blah back pain so intense I feel like throwing up and the only way I'm comfortable is if I'm laying down on my stomach but what am I doing instead, updating livejournal in the upright position and kind of killing myself I better get .. better soon because standing up is my second least favorite hobby right now, (to sitting down) and i'm shadowing a doctor on wednesday and I hear that's like running an endurance race and I have little endurance left.

How's that for a run on? :)

But anyways, I haven't updated in a couple of weeks (I say the Harry Potter book title wasn't a real update) and I realized it's because I usually update in Chem/Phys and THANK GOD I haven't been there lately. Or I'd kill someone :) But it's all good.

So Decemeber is gone, and I didn't even have a chance to listen to "Forget December" by Soco, like I usually try to, hehe. 2007 is here, and might I say, I rang it in very very nicely with a big group of family that I actually love. It never ceases to amaze me at how much fun we can have just by hanging out. No television (though duh I watched Fergie perform Fergalicious and the ball drop) and no electronics (phones don't count?) just our plain old retarded selves. It was so cool :) *sigh* It makes me realize that I don't really want to leave Lexington, I just want the people I don't like to go far, far away.

Ironically, Breakaway just came up on shuffle on my ipod. *shrug* Even though this break wasn't really what I expected it to be, lots of good things happened. Liiiike. Gatti-town :D Lol I always anticipate having a great time when I go but I get bored pretty quickly. Lies. I think it's because everyone I hang out with gets bored and I get influenced by them. Plus the bathroom ...we'll leave it at that. "You're turning so red!" :)

We had our 2nd holiday (we have 2 each lunar calendar, and that was the second we won't have our next one till October of '07!!) and it went smoothly. Lots of family time which took adjusting too, but it was nice. I can't tell you how many times people would say "KAWTHAR! WE HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!" which got pretty old. I'm in school people, I'm busy. Get over it. But once they did, it was nice ;) I was pretty 'snap happy' as Kay called me and took lots of pictures...which makes me think.

My new years resolution is to print pictures off of my digital camera. That might not seem like much, but it's a feat and it becomes a huge project if you procrastinate at all! It's stupid. And I never have hard copies of my pictures :( So remind me. It's a good resolution. :)

Today we had a huge dinner at my house. 62 people. 11 different families. It was absolutely insane :) I was in my room for a chunk of it, with all the girls around my age. There was like 10 of us :) :)

Gosh I hate trying to figure out how to manage a family and a career. I want a family soooo bad. (I know sometimes I say I don't even WANT kids but that's a lie and I say it because I forget how much I like them) and a big one at that, but I want a career so bad too. Why should it be that hard to balance both? Gay gay gay. I mean. Lame Lame Lame.

Oh god my back. Don't ask me why it hurts, I have no idea. I just know that medicine doesn't dull the pain at ALL and neither does a heating pad, and and ice pack, and lots of smelly creams. I smell like menthol STILL from that crap :)

We had so much food today. *shakes head* we started cooking Sunday morning. (I was more like errand girl. I was in Meijer and Kroger and people's houses getting tables and renting movies for the kids to watch and cleaning and stuff. Okay I really only cleaned my room but still ;) )
It was cool to see like, all the different stages of people. We had my grandparents, who are getting to their mid 70's, and then we had a couple of pregnant ladies and a handful of infants (one who's only 3 weeks old!) Lol I was like, "Everyone. stop naming Mohammed. We have 4 boys under the age of 5 named Mohammed. It's getting a little complicated." They are all VERY very very cute :)I should've taken a picture of them, lined up. They all look so different, it's amazing. (See I love little kids.)

I think I like kids under the age of like. 10. After that you have pre-pubescence and puberty and adolescence and nasty attitudes (I didn't like myself from like age 10-14, that might explain that idea) and I just...aversion ;) Plus, my childhood was awesome (parents wise) and teenage years, still sort of struggling through that.

But I turn 19 in 28 days, which is pretty amazing :) One final year of being a teenager, and then the 20's. I sort of feel like crying, not because I'm sad or anything, it's just overwhelming, you know? And who I was at 17 was so radically different then who I became at 18. Looking back to a year ago makes me feel like I'm looking at someone else's life. *shakes head* It's not bad. It's just different. We're forced to grow up so quickly, aren't we Sof? Our parents basically have no idea how to raise teenagers :) It's okay though. I don't blame them. The culture difference is just too big. (That doesn't mean I don't get mad about it...just...I get it.)

I've been updating for 20 minutes, so I guess that's enough? I think I miss unraveling on Livejournal. :)

so then I took my time, oh what a thing to've done. and it was all yellow...

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Man, I'm so sleepy and my frapp isn't doing anything and my ipod is taking too long to charge and it's still raining outside and my shirt is soggy and i think i'm about to faint.

And omar's not in my Chem lab (I really really thought he would be) and I think I have a headache and I want to hang out with someone (more like sleep in their dorm) but I'm too tired to walk around.

And I know those are all complaints but it's a rainy gloomy tuesday and the weather has more effect on me than it should.

Ooooomarrrrrr come make me smile.

Damn. Didn't work. Hahahaha my TA for Chem just gave me my goggles that I ALREADY lost. "How did you FIND me???" "Computer labs are always the quickest place to find freshman."

Lol :) Caaaallll meeeeee.

Moo, said the Kaw
Today was sort of strange, I woke up and cleaned around because we had a huge family dinner today (sister's in laws and family + family), and then my mom left for a while. So, instead of being a great daughter and clean some more, I laid out. Mmmm deliciously tan.

45 minutes under a cloudless sky. It was HOT. And the pool kept tempting me :) Iriver + cell phone = fabulous.

And I discovered a new song I didn't know I had--- Come in Closer, Blue October. It's pretty good. Very mellow.

Hahahaha I just diagnosed Sophie with heartburn, I told her to go find some anti-acids. It's 3:31 AM. *shakes head* We need to sleep.

After my mom got home/I took a shower, I had to go to Sam's, where I discovered that the gas is $3.09 a GALLON. HOLY CRAP. Good thing I filled up for $2.75 the day before. I rock, eh? Me and Yuss had WAY too much fun in Sam's Club. We got a flat bed cart and he left me sit on it while he pushed me around. At one point, we were positive that Abu Sami was going to catch us, because, doesn't he live at Sam's? Hahahaha. Yuss tried to crash me into the end of the isle, and he was running so fast that I actually thought we were going to crash. Especially when I turned around and he was sliding on his heels because he couldn't get traction to stop the cart. Needless to say, lots of Tide came crashing down on me. Freaking detergent. :)

After that, he told me that we were an embarassment to teenagers in Sam's (a fatheeha, specifically) and he made me walk. Man. It's hard to find a bag of normal sized potatoes in that store. We checked out and drove home. Actually, we went to Parissa first, bought lots of nasty smelling chicken, then went home.

When I got home, Belal was making a salad for the Azoomeh, which is pretty funny :) Lots of chicken juice (mmmm delish) spilled in the car and I had to clean that up. BLEH. We were inside, cooking like maniacs, (Court, we have extra egg rolls!) and bonding. It was HILARIOUS. My mom kept saying, "the food will never be done on time. at least we're having fun." And we assured her that we were cooking way too much food anyways. Which we did, of course.

It was actually a nice dinner, I talked to Naema/Ish/Amael the whole time. Amael was encouraging me to be a doctor, Ish kept asking if I was suicidal, and Naema was abusing the children. :) I took lots of pictures for child services :)

But alas, Scrubs is finished downloading. I hope you're feeling better, Soph. You know. Don't DIE or anything. Sheesh.

(Courtney, I hear you're falling for hard liquor? NICE.)


I sure wish I hadn't swallowed that sharp piece of egg roll. Now my esophagus is fucked up. And I feel it moving in my damn intestines. Growl.

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AP test scores came in the mail today. :)


Oh wait, I already know my scores. Heh.

I've got to go find these dreams...


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