And today was a day, just like any other-

I am FINALLY waking up.

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Moo, said the Kaw
Today was sort of strange, I woke up and cleaned around because we had a huge family dinner today (sister's in laws and family + family), and then my mom left for a while. So, instead of being a great daughter and clean some more, I laid out. Mmmm deliciously tan.

45 minutes under a cloudless sky. It was HOT. And the pool kept tempting me :) Iriver + cell phone = fabulous.

And I discovered a new song I didn't know I had--- Come in Closer, Blue October. It's pretty good. Very mellow.

Hahahaha I just diagnosed Sophie with heartburn, I told her to go find some anti-acids. It's 3:31 AM. *shakes head* We need to sleep.

After my mom got home/I took a shower, I had to go to Sam's, where I discovered that the gas is $3.09 a GALLON. HOLY CRAP. Good thing I filled up for $2.75 the day before. I rock, eh? Me and Yuss had WAY too much fun in Sam's Club. We got a flat bed cart and he left me sit on it while he pushed me around. At one point, we were positive that Abu Sami was going to catch us, because, doesn't he live at Sam's? Hahahaha. Yuss tried to crash me into the end of the isle, and he was running so fast that I actually thought we were going to crash. Especially when I turned around and he was sliding on his heels because he couldn't get traction to stop the cart. Needless to say, lots of Tide came crashing down on me. Freaking detergent. :)

After that, he told me that we were an embarassment to teenagers in Sam's (a fatheeha, specifically) and he made me walk. Man. It's hard to find a bag of normal sized potatoes in that store. We checked out and drove home. Actually, we went to Parissa first, bought lots of nasty smelling chicken, then went home.

When I got home, Belal was making a salad for the Azoomeh, which is pretty funny :) Lots of chicken juice (mmmm delish) spilled in the car and I had to clean that up. BLEH. We were inside, cooking like maniacs, (Court, we have extra egg rolls!) and bonding. It was HILARIOUS. My mom kept saying, "the food will never be done on time. at least we're having fun." And we assured her that we were cooking way too much food anyways. Which we did, of course.

It was actually a nice dinner, I talked to Naema/Ish/Amael the whole time. Amael was encouraging me to be a doctor, Ish kept asking if I was suicidal, and Naema was abusing the children. :) I took lots of pictures for child services :)

But alas, Scrubs is finished downloading. I hope you're feeling better, Soph. You know. Don't DIE or anything. Sheesh.

(Courtney, I hear you're falling for hard liquor? NICE.)


I sure wish I hadn't swallowed that sharp piece of egg roll. Now my esophagus is fucked up. And I feel it moving in my damn intestines. Growl.

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Yeah. Haha, I looked up heartburn and I definitely had it. Or...have it, because I'm still in a lot of pain. It's what I get for eating late at night.

Fun times cooking 3zumeh food, that's a new one : ) Awesome. Also, I love Yuss. Tell him to be cool when I'm around, please : )

Haha, sometimes dysfunctional family functions are the best.
Love, thanks for always diagnosing me : )

YESSSS, see I'm not even a doctor yet, and I'm awesome. Mwuahaha.

Too bad I'm going to die of internal bleeding first. Damn.

(The doc's tried to tell me I have heart burn, but it's nothing like what you described to me.) Did the anti-acids help??

Haha, when I got the chest pain, I thought:

"Can a fifteen year old have a heart attack?"

: )

(Actually though, I looked it up and a lot of people confuse severe heartburn with a heart attack. Glad I just got the heartburn. Heh.)

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(Deleted comment)
And, no egg rolls, my un-friend.

aww that sounds like a fun day, i'm glad that the azuma went well.. we always try to make thigns light hearted too when my mom starts panicking, she even laughs at herself bc she knows she's just a littttle crazy.

chicken juice is nasty. i'm sorry.

*downloads song*

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