And today was a day, just like any other-

I am FINALLY waking up.

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Man, I'm so sleepy and my frapp isn't doing anything and my ipod is taking too long to charge and it's still raining outside and my shirt is soggy and i think i'm about to faint.

And omar's not in my Chem lab (I really really thought he would be) and I think I have a headache and I want to hang out with someone (more like sleep in their dorm) but I'm too tired to walk around.

And I know those are all complaints but it's a rainy gloomy tuesday and the weather has more effect on me than it should.

Ooooomarrrrrr come make me smile.

Damn. Didn't work. Hahahaha my TA for Chem just gave me my goggles that I ALREADY lost. "How did you FIND me???" "Computer labs are always the quickest place to find freshman."

Lol :) Caaaallll meeeeee.

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Daaang. No Omar in the lab :(

Luckily I slept before 1 last night so I didn't mind being woken up at 9 ;) But now, I'm stuck at home and I have nothing to do for a couple of hours before I leave.

Hmm, maybe I'll call Sami.

(You're going to faint becuase YOU DON'T EAT. heh. Sorry, had to.)
Love you.


Oh shuttup. Parents are retarded. They don't know anything.

So, I'm glad we both know who we're going to marry. : )

We found you! And I still have your jacket. Niiiice.

you can use my dorm for mid-morning naps ANY time :)

awww I really enjoyed talking to you last night.

NO!!!!!!! No Omar in Chem lab??? SUCK. I really wanted him to have that class with you. :(

Well, since you two are getting married, it'll be okay. He'll make time to spend with you. :)

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