And today was a day, just like any other-

I am FINALLY waking up.

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Ennis and Jack w/Mountains
i'm such a different person these days.

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me too. and it's weird, man. sometime when you aren't being a good student, would you mind inviting yourself over to sophie's with me?? it's been far too long.

A good different or a bad different or just different?

This reminds me of the quote from Perks about how things change and life doesn't stop for anyone.

Oh, and we live in the same city and I miss you and Sof. Since school's been out. *sigh*.

I think it's good for you.

as long as you are happy.

Dear Kawthar. I miss you. I have rejoined LJ under a different name. Add me whenever you can?
All my love,

Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

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